A Cure For Hunger II: Howl of the Wendigo
Change can be good, except if you’re a powerful witch like Benjamin Carpenter. The code of the Itzhak clan, intertwined with the Moonbeam caste of magicians, dictates witches will inherit one, and only one, power from each parent. However, a harrowing night in the woods near Sedona causes Benjamin to manifest another power his mother had, the power of teleportation, creating concern that his destiny might be taking a turn for the worse.

However, Benjamin’s new power is the least of everyone’s problems after one of his closest friends, Ivan Salazar, starts developing a carnivorous, insatiable hunger and turns into a rare creature—the wendigo. As the monster starts to consume his body and attempts to destroy his soul, it will take the unrequited love for another man to keep the wendigo at bay.

The second book in the A Cure for Hunger trilogy welcomes back 300-year-old vampire Thomas Nighthawk, the beautiful gypsy shopkeeper Kenda Ravenwood, and werewolf Todd Kesseldorf. With Benjamin, these denizens of the supernatural will have to figure out who is causing Ivan’s frightening transformation while trying to avoid the vicious attacks of an extremist bounty hunter. BUY NOW

A Cure For Hunger: The Complete Trilogy

Don't want to stop at one story? Get all three books in one. Just watch out for Benjamin and Thomas. They'll get you, my pretty, and your little wendigo, too! BUY NOW

A Cure For Hunger
Benjamin Carpenter is a practicing witch from an ancient clan. Thomas Nighthawk is his lover, a 300-year-old vampire who longs to be human. The two of them have been together for eight years and love each other deeply. Unfortunately, their physical love is hampered by the instinctive bloodlust in Thomas’s psyche, where the approach of orgasm unleashes the demon within.

When Benjamin hears about someone who has developed a cure that carves out the demon while preserving the man, he knows he needs to do whatever it takes to get the magic potion to bring his beloved new life. However, the cure-keeper does not want to be found, and other forces of darkness want to keep the cure from spreading. Will Benjamin’s quest to bring Thomas back to life actually get them both killed? BUY NOW

Lee Pulaski

A Cure For Hunger III: Darkling in Abeyance
Benjamin Carpenter would do anything for the people he cares about. He risked his life to find a cure for vampirism to make his lover mortal. He penetrated the veil of darkness to rescue his best friend when he transformed into a wendigo. Now Benjamin’s the one who needs help.

An ancient prophecy claims that he has been ordained to bring about the end times, an act he couldn’t begin to imagine himself capable of. However, he is developing new powers at an alarming rate, and the forces of both good and evil are rising up to lay claim to him, not caring about the path of destruction they create in the process.

With time literally ticking away until the apocalypse arrives, Benjamin’s friends—vampire lover Thomas Nighthawk, gypsy practitioner Kenda Ravenwood and comic book store owner Ivan Salazar—are ready to do whatever it takes to keep the end times at bay, but are they prepared to kill him to prevent him from fulfilling his destiny as the Bringer of Darkness? BUY NOW