Grandma's House of Waffles  (A play in two acts)
In the mythical community of Folkland, storybook characters carry on everyday lives. In the middle of Folkland is Grandma’s House of Waffles, the home of the famed golden waffle. Hansel performs occasional manual labor, eager to start a new life after being paroled for the gingerbread house incident. Katie Woodencloak, a bitter former princess who never envisioned she’d be a short order cook, mixes the waffles and pours delicious ambrosia. Rounding out the group is Little Red Riding Hood, who serves the golden waffles and faithfully keeps the waffle house running for her absent granny.

One day, Grandma returns after losing all her money in Las Vegas, but what she hasn’t mentioned is that she also lost the deed to the waffle house to a seemingly innocent sheep. However, that sheep turns out to be none other than Mr. Wolf, Folkland’s shifty building inspector, who plans to leave public service and take over the waffle house in the hopes of learning the secret recipe for the golden waffles. Red and the other employees must figure out how to get the waffle house back into Grandma’s hands before it’s run into the ground!


Songs of Seduction
It all started with an audition. Whit Harrison was nervous enough, but to have some guy barge into the room when he was trying to try out for a solo in the community choir did not make things any better. Instead of being annoyed with the intruder, however, Whit is quite fascinated with him. 

He doesn't have to wait to meet Brock Evans, a fellow music lover who is quite adept with the guitar.  Soon, the two men find themselves facing intense feelings for one another, but Brock hasn't told Whit everything about his past. As he finds himself falling deeper and deeper in love,  the level of fear increases as he tries to find a way to come clean without losing Whit forever.


An Eagle River Christmas
Rory Woodward thought he would never set foot in Eagle River again. He left years ago to get away from his family, the Redstones. Now, with word that his grandmother is dying, he must leave his peaceful life as an author in San Francisco to come home and pay his respects. To do so, though, he must confront an overbearing mother, a viciously greedy sister, and the rest of his kin, who are all eager to take the Redstone reputation for benevolence and shove it in the coffin with matriarch Winifred Redstone. 

Staber Montana never enjoyed the life of leisure the Redstones have. He has spent most of his life fending for himself while dealing with his drug-abusing, overpossessive mother and alcoholic brother. He has never kept a healthy relationship because his mother would scare away potential mates. More than anything, he wishes he could escape his life. 

Rory and Staber may have come from two different lives and backgrounds while growing up in the same town, but their paths are about to cross at the most wonderful time of the year. They find themselves drawing closer, but they need to find a way to keep their overwhelming pasts at bay long enough to see if they can create their own Merry Christmas, perhaps the first of many.


Lee Pulaski

Bittersweet in the Shadows
Kaden had little time to live his own life when he was a high school teacher in Wausau. His obsession with giving students a better opportunity to succeed in life had brought him to the brink of a breakdown. So when an old college friend invited him to spend his summer vacation in the countryside near Wittenberg, Kaden couldn’t say yes fast enough.

Not long after arriving, he meets a mysterious stranger in a bar. The chiseled and masculine Avery exudes country. He gushes beauty. It’s an attraction Kaden cannot deny, but he quickly finds himself in a new obsession when he can’t find the man the next day. What’s worse, everyone acts like they don’t know who he is.

A summer of solitude becomes a blazing mystery as Kaden tries to learn who the stranger in the cowboy hat is, and why he can only see Avery under the cover of darkness. Kaden knows the answer lies somewhere in Wittenberg, and many in the village are hiding something, but the truth is closer than he could possibly imagine.


Hex of the Dragon Fruit
Noridem is a land of magic and mysticism, where anything and everything can happen. The people live under the rule of a benevolent king and explore the boundaries of existence. They get their amazing powers and abilities from the dragon fruit, which grows in abundance throughout the land. However, the evil sorceress Nephra has cast a hex on almost all of the dragon fruit, making it toxic to Noridemians and robbing them of their powers, and the king of his health.

Existing parallel to Noridem is our world, and in the city of Baltimore, Austin roams the streets, searching for a place to call home. While fleeing a street gang intending to harm him, he discovers some dragon fruit. After taking a bite, he creates a mystic portal leading him to Noridem. It is no accident that Austin is here, however, as he is destined to bring Noridem out of darkness and restore balance to the land.

To do that, he must find a way to control his newfound magic while helping Noridem’s bravest warrior, Blue, to find the Genesis Stone, which will break the hex when combined with the Exodus Stone possessed by Nephra. To succeed, they must endure many trials and explore the most treacherous corners of Noridem. In the middle of their quest, new and powerful feelings emerge, and Blue and Austin face two obstacles—true darkness and true love.