About Lee Pulaski


Lee Pulaski grew up in the dry heat of Arizona in a small town called Chino Valley. Lee has always enjoyed writing, although it took some time for him to develop the courage to get his work into the public eye.

Lee also has a love affair with the theatre, starting to write plays in high school before moving to full-length novels in recent years. In his junior year, one of those plays, Murder on the Boardwalk, was selected for production. Although it was never published, Lee received royalties for the play, which has kept him writing ever since.

Ironically, a dry spell in Lee's creative juices in 2006 prompted him to take a vacation in Wisconsin with family. Getting into a new environment and seeing the beauty of the fall colors is what inspired Lee to write his first novel, The Colors of Love and Autumn, and he eventually moved from Arizona to Wisconsin to keep the inspiration and creativity flowing.

Lee enjoys photography when he is not writing—and sometimes even while he is. He tries to get outdoors whenever he can to take photos.

Having learned how to read at age 3½, Lee also loves to read as often as possible, enjoying mysteries mostly, although he'll read any good story.

Lee joined the Shawano Area Writers in 2011.  Joining not only gave Lee a chance to test out his works in progress, but provided an opportunity to work with other writers who are striving to see their work in print. The Shawano Area Writers celebrated their golden anniversary in 2016.

Lee self-publishes his work through Kindle Direct Publishing (e-books and paperbacks) and Barnes & Noble Press (hardcovers).

Lee Pulaski

What Lee's currently working on...
Quoth the Raven—Zachary Gagewood welcomes an old friend to The Literary Barn for a reading of his latest novel, but it soon becomes clear that the friendship did not hold up well over the years. When the aggravating author is killed inside the bookstore itself, signs point to Zachary himself as the killer! RELEASE IN OCTOBER 2019!