When Beef Jerky Met Cherries Jubilee
Love endures, and when it’s the subject of an art exhibit, it can be a truly beautiful thing. When Anne Marie White Eagle achieves her dream of opening an art gallery in Gresham, she knows she needs a knockout exhibit to bring people out in droves. She crafts a show featuring Osgood and Muriel Reimer, known for their familial backgrounds in the beef jerky and cherry industries but even better known for a beautiful marriage lasting more than 56 years.

Anne Marie’s dream dissolves into a nightmare when the elderly lovebirds are found dead shortly after opening night, with indications their love might not have been so eternal.

Zachary Gagewood, eager to help his dear friend salvage what’s left of her ambitious gambit into the arts, looks into the deaths and discovers that there are others with plenty of reasons to off Shawano County’s most enduring couple—a granddaughter who feels oppressed and her nonconformist boyfriend, a store owner harboring a lifelong secret, or even jealous extended family members. Can Zachary figure out who would want to end the most beautiful love affair ever?