Hex of the Dragon Fruit

Noridem is a land of magic and mysticism, where anything and everything can happen. The people live under the rule of a benevolent emperor and explore the boundaries of existence. They get their amazing powers and abilities from the dragon fruit, which grows in abundance throughout the land. However, the evil sorceress Nephra has cast a hex on almost all of the dragon fruit, making it toxic to Noridemians and robbing them of their strength, and the king of his health.

Existing parallel to Noridem is our world, and in the city of Baltimore, Austin roams the streets, searching for a place to call home. While fleeing a street gang intending to harm him, he falls through a mystic portal leading him to Noridem. It is no accident that Austin is here, however, as he is destined to bring Noridem out of darkness and restore balance to the land—one of the legendary warrior lovers.

To do that, he must find a way to control his newfound magic while helping Noridem’s bravest warrior, Blue, find the Genesis Stone, which will break the hex when combined with the Exodus Stone possessed by Nephra. To succeed, they must endure many trials and explore the most treacherous corners of Noridem. In the middle of their quest, new and powerful feelings emerge, and Blue and Austin soon must face two obstacles—true darkness and true love.